Ghostwriter in law

Lawyers find a large number of different service providers who offer help with their studies or with the tutor. However, there is often a lack of tailor-made and targeted individual care. Legally trained ghostwriters with a college degree are able to handle legal issues with all of the methodology provided by science. Their analytical thinking […]

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Ghostwriter in psychology

Psychological texts must not only meet the medical standards, but also require a safe handling of the German and English-language literature and the test series and statistics. Ghostwriters possess these skills and have extensive experience in the conception, organization and copywriting within scientific-psychological work such as term papers, master’s theses or dissertations. They are mainly […]

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About me

My name is Krystabelle Goldenwater, a journalism and social media marketing professional with 6+ years experience as a writer, editor, and editor. I also write blog posts for a small, online media company in southern st. Louis and teach english to english speaking students at all levels. I recently established several social media accounts to reach out to new and existing users and connect with them to make sure they have the most current information on the subject in mind.