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Content and meaning of psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of human nature and behavior. It looks at the effects of external factors as well as personal predispositions. As an interdisciplinary science, it incorporates the findings of various natural sciences, medicine and sociology. Numerous points of contact also exist with behavioral, cognitive and neuroscience. The processes in the mind of a person are therefore never considered in isolation, but are subject to a variety of physical, biological and social influences.

Psychology has its origin in Germany. Wilhelm Wundt founded the Institute for Experimental Psychology in Leipzig in 1879. Johann Friedrich Herbart, who is also the founder of pedagogy, had a great influence on the foundation of psychology as an independent science. Finally, psychology was widely recognized outside academia by the formulation of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis in 1895. It deals with the subconscious of man, with our experiences and memories that have an impact on our behavior and thinking in the present.

At the same time, researchers worked with animals and identified specific patterns of behavior that could be reproduced and were also transmissible to humans. From this work finally behaviourism and behavioral science emerged. Both examine cause and effect in the actions of individuals, groups and societies. Particularly popular in America, influences of the research direction are today in the mediation of knowledge and the treatment of phobias.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Gestalt psychology was developed. This deals in detail with the perception of man and the influence of our assumptions, experiences and wishes on things seen, heard or otherwise experienced. Optical illusions as well as research into ideal product design and visual design also fall into this category.

The study of psychology can be roughly divided into three areas: the study of the basics, their applications and the specific methods.

The basics include the areas of general psychology (the study of human recognition and thought processes), but also biological psychology, which is dedicated to the anatomical nature and influence of sensory organs. Differential psychology, developmental and social psychology also fall into this area.

Applied psychology is dedicated, among other things, to the treatment of mental illnesses, the questions of specific areas of psychology (such as organizational or business psychology) and the influence of scientific findings on pedagogy.

The methodology seeks to improve the scientific approach or progress in the auxiliary sciences used by psychology, such as mathematics or computer science.

Universities and Degree Programs – More than Gray Theory

The functioning of the human brain is the core of psychology. But not only failures are examined and described here, also the mode of action of advertising, the influences of our environment and the dealing with fellow human beings are areas of research. Therefore, psychologists are searched in countless areas and find employment among others in personnel departments, counseling centers and advertising agencies.

The study of psychology

Before starting a study of psychology, it must be clarified to what extent the necessary prerequisites exist. This includes a broad interest in science and mathematics subjects as well as a good command of English, as most of the modern study literature comes from the Anglo-American area. In addition, there is a numberus clausus, which depends heavily on the respective university. A bachelor’s degree in psychology covers the basics of both general and applied psychology and the acquisition of related methodological skills. The study can be supplemented by an experimental internship and will be finished with a thesis. Building on the Bachelor’s degree, a master’s program is also possible in which certain aspects of the subject can be deepened.

Career perspectives for psychologists

The need for psychologically trained personnel – be it in research and teaching or in the treatment and care of problem cases, is great. Mental pressure in the workplace, stress in private life and a changed view of a whole range of illnesses is due to this development. Even large organizations and companies employ psychologists. To select the appropriate personnel as well as to give their employees a point of contact in conflicts or to apply scientifically sound psychological methods in product marketing and advertising.

Writing in psychology – literature research and editing

Ghostwriters also support psychology students with other services. You will conduct comprehensive literature research, with which the quality of a bachelor’s or master’s thesis stands or falls. This guarantees that a comprehensive selection of primary and secondary literature is available. Even a final editing of the written thesis is easily possible, so that all texts are error-free.

The role of an academic ghostwriter with a degree or a doctorate in psychology can take many forms. Thus ghostwriting agencies offer versatile assistance – from the analysis of the literature over an evaluation of specialized journals up to the conception of a complete scientific elaboration and the delivery of templates for term papers, bachelor theses or master theses. Depending on your wishes German or English speaking.